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A range of very high performance Xray Fluorescence analyzsers

for measuring elements from Sodium- Na to Uranium- U

Available with choice of detectors including Silicon Drift, Silicon Pin and proportional

Catalogue No



Cat 711101

Model XF 8800 High performance Vacuum EDXRF  Na to U

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CAT 711102 View  
CAT 711001 View  
CAT 711003 View  
CAT 711002 View  
CAT 711004 View  
CAT 711005 View  
CAT 400134 View  
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Cat 711102

Model RX 9000 High performance EDXRF Mg - U

Cat 711001

Model XF 6000 EDXRF  Mg – U

Cat 711003

Model RX6000 EDXRF  Sulfur in Oil

Cat 711002

Sulfur in oil application note

Cat 711004

Model SS 6000 “ Gold Mate “ EDXRF  Gold and precious metal analyzer

Cat 711005

Model RH 6000 RoHS EDXRF

Cat 400134

Model Prospektor Hand Held EDXRF  Mg - U

Cat 401122

Model SS100 Hand Held EDXRF  Mg - U

Cat 400133

Model SS200 XY Plotting EDXRF

Cat 711006

Fundamental Parameter software for analyzing without standards

Cat 29102

Sample Hydraulic Press  40 – 60 Ton

Cat 29101

Sample handling Rock Grinder

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